Le Battistelle


Le Battistelle

The vineyard is located in the group of hills that separate the towns of Soave and Monteforte d’Alpone in the Soave Classico area.

About Le Battistelle

Cristina and Gelmino Dal Bosco are the lively couple behind the 9ha farm ‘Le Battistelle’, which they run together with their talented children: Gloria and Andrea. The farm is situated in the hamlet of Brognoligo, in the heart of the ‘historical’ Soave Classico production area. This is a much smaller area than the extensive Soave DOC appellation and is limited only to the communes of Soave and Monteforte d’Alpone, in the province of Verona. Le Battistelle vineyards are somehow hidden away on the hills and quite difficult to access, as there are no big urban roads in the area.

Due to its isolation it has remained largely intact, far away from environmental pollution (even today, in Brognoligo, there are no industrial estates!) The fragmentation of the the estate in different plots is quite extreme, the largest plot behind the one called ‘Battistelle’, the average age of the vineyards here is much older than in other areas of Soave. The philosophy behind their viticulture is to protect the vines – and the environment – through a holistic approach to pest control. Only essential agronomic practices are used, and plant-protection products are only used when absolutely necessary.

The logo “Viticoltura Eroica/Heroic Viticulture” which appears on the label of “Le Battistelle” is granted by the prestigious research centre “CERVIM” and stands for the hard work that the production of these wines requires. The vineyards are situated on the steep slopes on an ancient volcano. Mechanisation is impossible here and the labour costs are higher than elsewhere. These hills, lined with old pergolas and supported by dry-stone walls built with old and heavy volcanic rocks (just as you see pictured in the label), are of outstanding natural beauty though need constant care and dedication.