The vineyards are located in Iseo, a town on the Southern shore of Lake Iseo, in Italy’s Lombardy region.

About Clarabella

Cascina Clarabella is a cooperative that not only produces excellent organic sparkling wine. It is one of the most successful examples of social projects in the area. 60 neurodivergent patients have the opportunity to work and live here, are professionally cared for, and are largely integrated into a normal everyday life. The project t started in 2002, founded to support the local community and their environment through a non-profit organisation. Any profits from the project are re-invested into the development of the winery and its services.

In Iseo, between Lake Iseo and Franciacorta, the vineyards extend for about 12 hectares between the municipalities of Franciacorta, at an altitude between 150 and 250 meters. The annual production is 70,000 bottles.

Clarabella Wines